02 Nov 2013
November 2, 2013

Early Online Memories: Hank Mishkoff

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Hank Mishkoff

NOTE: I first met Hank in Dallas, in the summer of 1984, when I was covering the Republican National Convention via “interactive computer”.  He was smart and savvy, as he still is today, and I’m grateful for his stepping up to offer the first post in this series.  – Mike

By Hank Mishkoff

I was working for Texas Instruments thirty years ago when they decided to open a chain of what they called “Learning Centers,” which were basically showcases for the TI Home Computer and their other consumer products. The Learning Centers also offered free “workshops” in various aspects of technology. (It’s hard to remember now, but back in 1982 only professionals and hobbyists knew much of anything about the uses of computer technology. TI felt that the general public had to be educated about the subject if they were going to invite computers into their homes.)

One of my assignments was to develop and deliver a course about telecommunications that highlighted uses that might be of interest to consumers. At the time, I was a casual user of The Source and CompuServe, two of the pioneers in consumer online services, but I didn’t know much about them other than that they featured discussion groups that were incredibly useful for making travel plans. For example: read more →

31 Oct 2013
October 31, 2013

“I Will Carry You” Lyrics

October 31, 2013
Chasing the Moon | Paul Guzzone

Chasing the Moon
Paul Guzzone

Writing the words to a song is not dissimilar, in some ways, from writing a speech, presentation, letter or video script for a client.  There’s a desired message and my job is to express it clearly and effectively.

What I’ve enjoyed discovering with “I Will Carry You” is how different the feeling around the message becomes, depending on the style of the music and the artist’s performance that delivers it.

This song has been recorded for the public – by two very different artists: Shara Strand and Paul Guzzone – in Adult Contemporary, Reggae, Live Acoustic and Dance Club styles.  

Its expression of love and loyalty applies not only to relationships between people … but also between people and the animals they love.  Shara and I partnered with the American Humane Association, a wonderful organization with whom we have shared revenues from this song.

 A few people have inquired about the lyrics, so I’m offering them below.

I Will Carry You | Shara Strand

I Will Carry You
Shara Strand

I WILL CARRY YOU © Mike Greenly

I know that life isn’t fair
And there’s a lot you gotta handle
But baby I really care
It hurts to see you this way

Always remember
That you’ve got me
And I’ll be there for you

Yes I will carry you, when your legs are weary
I will lift you up when the water’s high
I will hold you close when the wind is howling
When the road is long, I will carry you home

Verse 2:
So now you know that I’m here
You know that I am in your corner
And I will always be near
Nothing can keep me away

It doesn’t matter
Where or when
Cause baby I’ll be there

Yes I will carry you, when your legs are weary
I will lift you up when the water’s high
I will hold you close when the wind is howling
When the road is long, I will carry you home

Don’t be surprised when you realize
I am always on your side

I will carry you, when your legs are weary
I will lift you up when the water’s high
I will hold you close when the wind is howling
When the road is long, I will carry you home

You are not alone
I will carry you home

28 Sep 2013
September 28, 2013

Another Song Charted on Billboard

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I am lucky … excited … hopeful.   Tens of thousands of songwriters (conservative estimate) write songs their whole lives and never get “charted” on BILLBOARD.  I’ve just received word that, for the second time in my life, one of my songs has made it onto the list.  (The first was “Get Up” by Kimberly Davis, on the roster for three months, ultimately reaching #12.)

Now it’s “I Will Carry You” which has just popped up onto the Dance Club chart as #46.  It was written with Paul Guzzone, recorded by Shara Strand, published by D1 Music, and remixed by a number of great DJs … including SoulBeats (DJ Tony Smith and composer, Jim Papoulis), DJ Escape, DJ Edson Pride, and others – each with their own concept for the song.  All versions are available on iTunes, amazon, etc.

Of course, I hope the song will go higher, but the fact that it made it anywhere on the chart is a thrill for me.  I gratefully acknowledge the best song promoter in the Dance Club world: Bobby Shaw — truly exceptional at what he does.  It was Bobby’s hard work and belief that was crucial to getting Club DJs across the country to notice the song, try it, and test it out on their dance floors.  Fortunately, the song and Shara’s performance were appealing enough to help get it onto the charts.

Shara will perform the SoulBeats Radio version in Orlando this September, at a conference for the American Humane Association … a wonderful organization that believes in the song and its message – not just between two people who care about each other, but between people and the animals they love (all too often, in need of rescue.)

Here is a video created around the track that Shara will be perform for AHA.  It was directed by Denzel Williams.  I hope you enjoy it!   http://bit.ly/17HdvXs

17 Jun 2013
June 17, 2013

A Words Connection

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Shara Live Performance

I used to be in the corporate spotlight – with the pleasure and glory (and stress) that comes with it. I learned how to transform myself (on-stage, at least) from a shy, introverted geek with an active mind … to a “performer” in front of a hall of employees whom I needed to touch, motivate, inspire and convince. Now, after those decades of personal growth in front of an audience, the experience enables me to help current executives shine under their own corporate spotlights … and reap the rewards that come, in a business context, from effective presentation skills in a well-crafted message.

Last night, I got to see and hear my words expressed not to fellow employees … but to a live audience. I got heard them sung by a beautiful young woman who really and truly can sing. My trainer, Bryan Mirabella, was there and pronounced Shara Strand “great!” My song promoter, Bobby Shaw — hopefully he’ll help bring enough attention to the song that it gets charted on BILLBOARD — was there, right beside me. He not only pronounced his satisfaction with Shara afterward, but he said again that it’s “a very good song.” Which Bobby doesn’t say lightly.

Just as rewarding, I’ve gotten to hear from people who don’t know me at all (by reading their posts on social media sites like this one) talking about the song and finding meaning in “I Will Carry You”. I know that my composer, Paul Guzzone, gets similar reactions when he performs it.

Tomorrow, very early, I fly to Orlando. I’ll work hard all week doing my utmost to help each executive express her/his message in the clearest, most impactful, most effective way possible. And I will take satisfaction in seeing them shine.

And last night, I got to hear Shara sing and dance and bring to physical life my own personal song of loyalty and love. I got to bask n the cheers of the crowd — quietly, discreetly, like the Southern Gentleman I’ll always be. No one needs to know my name –- not the audiences of my clients, not the people applauding Shara. But it’s a joy –- and for an introvert like me, a great convenience –- that I can enjoy a meaningful connection to others, simply through my words alone, even as I staying, now, on the sidelines of the corporate ballroom or dance club. I’m lucky.

And I’m glad to have this place where I can share my thoughts with you.

28 May 2013
May 28, 2013

Birth of an Online Book

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Birth of an Online Book

We take for granted these days that we can use social media to create and share text, pictures, videos, voice, music, live teleconferences and more — all around the world with just a click or two at the keyboard.

It wasn’t always that way, of course. Thirty years ago — when basic text alone was all we could share — people like myself subscribed to various services that gave us access to the Internet and to each other. It was fun, exciting and new to send messages to someone — or a bunch of separate someones. In different countries. Different time zones. But sharing a common interest.

There were various terms for what we did and how we explored “computer mediated communication” — bulletin boards, Notepad, MetaNet, Internet Relay Chat, and more. There was no live texting back then with a simultaneous exchange; instead this was “asynchronous” communication.

We were early adopters of “computer-mediated communications”… accessing each other through early online services such as The Source, CompuServe, bulletin boards, Internet Relay Chats (IRC), and using software like “Parti” to hold these global group conversations.

Everything we did was practically primitive compared with today. Just the act of logging on was a concentrated effort — with an acoustic coupler modem, its squawking connection noises, and its extremely slow rates of transferring data.

At the time, however cumbersome, slow and unreliable these connections were, they felt miraculous.

Well, I remember those days and how exciting they were. A lot of us, in fact, thought of ours elves as planting the “seeds” of the future … as we generated “content” and paid dearly for the privilege of sharing it.

I’m curious to know if it’s a worthwhile venture to create a book that captures the memories and experiences of everyone still around who played an active role in computer communications back in those early days … anyone who is willing to put some thought and time into writing about what it was like.

With enough participation, I’ll turn it into a digital book … with every cent of profit going to several worthy charities.

I’d love to hear from you.