• Nominated for “Songwriter of the Year”

    Nominated for “Songwriter of the Year”

    Proud to share that my latest lyrical work, “Love and Peace” from Indian artist/producer, Prem Murti, has been nominated for a Josie Award as “Songwriter of the Year”.


I used to be unable to simply walk across a stage and not feel nervous and self-conscious.  My work at Avon Products, Inc., taught me how to captivate an audience of 5,000 people or more. I’ve applied that experience to helping others become more effective than they’d realized they ever could be, while having a much better time than they’d expected.


Having been an exec, myself, I know what it’s like “on the other side of the desk.” I apply that experience to writing speeches and PowerPoints that save time and effort for my clients, while conveying their messages with clarity and impact. I also “polish” drafts: I’ve yet to meet a first draft I can’t improve to my client’s delight.


  1. 1
    Decades of Experience
    I’ve been writing professionally for over 40 {gasp!} years. I love what I do.
  2. 2
    Former Fortune 500 VP
    I achieved corporate success at a very young age, learning marketing & communications from wise and generous mentors, in big organizations with rich resources to turn creative concepts into action.  I enjoy helping others by sharing what I learned.
  3. 3
    Glowing Client References
    Clients often express appreciation for my work. Visit my TESTIMONIALS tab for examples. Signed client letters available upon request.
  4. 4
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    I accept assignments only when I’m confident that I can excel and produce a quality product — and a happy client. Once you hire me … I will work to ensure that you’re truly glad you did.
  5. 5
    I Love What I Do
    I truly love working with my clients, and to have the opportunity to turn their thoughts into words that inspire and persuade.


Need a great speech or PowerPoint? Want expert coaching in how to deliver it? I’m a former corporate exec who achieved success at a young age. When Avon was #1 in the world, I developed 300 new products a year, published the Avon sales brochure and was in charge of all meetings & events. Today I can help you and your team be more effective!