ExxonMobil Executive 
“You’ve always helped our scripts and speeches convey the intended messages in the best possible ways. Your insights make our PowerPoint visuals better, too. And of course, your coaching of our delivery – even remotely over the phone – has made me, and my team members, significantly better and more convincing.”

The Patrón Spirits Company 
“Along with eight of my associates, I just experienced a remarkable Presentation Skills workshop led by Mike Greenly. When the workshop ended, it was obvious that each participant had gained valuable new skill and insight into improving future presentations. Mike often delivers this kind of coaching in private, one-on-one sessions. In fact we expect to have several members of our team gain the benefit of his individual coaching. In our case however, we allowed each participant to learn from hearing Mike’s feedback to everyone else’s presentations. Mike was unfailingly clear, yet diplomatic – always constructive and supportive.”

Vice President, National Football League Properties, Inc.
“We appreciate the fact that regardless of who you worked with, each speech really sounded like that particular individual. You also clearly proved that you are fast, reliable and flexible; it was a pleasure to work with you. I’m speaking not just for myself, but for our entire group. (Your on-site speech coaching was helpful, too.)”

President & CEO, Pizza Hut
“I would enthusiastically recommend Mike Greenly to other executives in a variety of communications capacities. He is a genuine pleasure to work with and his work is consistently excellent.”

Sr. Vice President Sales, Novartis Consumer Health 
“As a speechwriter, you worked with our various executives — who, as you discovered, have vastly different styles from each other — and you successfully captured the voice and message of each one. All of our executives found you a pleasure to deal with … a quick study who was sensitive to their time, helpful with smart suggestions, and invaluable in giving them back a speech that sounded like them — only better!”

Google Executive 
“As you know, our mission at Google is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Well, you organized my information in a way that I never could have done on my own. And the applause I received at the end of my speech let me know that you had made my comments ‘universally appealing.’”

“I recently needed to give a very important speech – high visibility, lots at stake, every single word of importance. How lucky I was that a colleague introduced me to Mike Greenly!

Marsh ClearSight Exec 
“Mike is one of those people you meet in life who is clearly ‘meant’ to do what he does. In his case, Mike must surely be one of the most gifted speechwriters in the business. “From what I hear, the excellence of his speech coaching rivals the quality of is writing.”

OrthoUrology Executive 
“I’ve enjoyed Mike Greenly’s speechwriting talents for such a long time now, that I finally decided I should write a letter to convey how I feel about him. ‘Simply put, there’s no other speechwriter in the business I’d rather use, or have my people use, for the various presentations we give to audiences throughout the year. When it really counts, I turn to Mike.’”

“I had an important speech to deliver and needed the easiest possible way to have an excellent expression of my messages. I found Mike on the Internet, phoned him and followed his guidance in developing my thoughts. After a single, simple phone call, he created something outstanding. As I emailed him after reviewing it: ‘Blown away, Mike. Spectacular.’ That pretty much sums it up. I would recommend Mike Greenly with enthusiasm to anyone in need of a really outstanding speech. Clearly he’s one of the best there is in his field.”

Video Project Manager, IBM
“Your ability to grasp new information and concepts and turn them into words and thoughts for the masses was wonderful. The energy and enthusiasm you brought to our project was undaunted, no matter what obstacles were put in your path. You’re a tremendous asset to have on any video project!”

Vice President, Revlon
“Mike Greenly is not only responsive and highly skilled, he is also a pleasure to deal with. In addition, it is obvious that his wealth of marketing experience as a former corporate office enables him to contribute in a way most writers simply couldn’t.”

President, Campbell’s Soup Company
“Your professionalism, class and unique style of blending words and messages make you the BEST at what you do.”

Director, Int’l Marketing, Shulton, Inc.
“I’ve never met Mike Greenly, but I had the pleasure of having him write a terrific presentation for me. We talked by phone about my objectives, we exchanged information by fax and mail, and before long I had received an excellent talk with fresh ideas and in language I was comfortable delivering.”

Sales Communications Manager 
“You are absolutely the best … in more ways than one. All the presentations you prepared were effective and comfortable for each of our speakers. You often deliver this performance under tight deadlines and many times with scrambled input. Everyone here is always much more comfortable when they know that you are writing for them!”

Director, DuPont
“Mike helped to conceive, and then wrote, the very effective video overview for our meeting, for which he also acted as our internal creative director.

 Whether in conducting skillful video interviews, writing highly effective speeches and presentations, or in problem-solving and strategic thinking, Mike has proven to be an exceptional asset to us in developing management communications and strategies to help us realize our vision as a corporation.”

Director, Fujifilm
“You’re smart, hard-working, fast … and you keep your promises. Everyone we’ve ever had you write for – from techies to senior execs – appreciates the way you help them convey their messages. You save them time, make their lives easier, and make them more effective … You’re also a pleasure to deal with, Mike. There aren’t too many like you, who offer so much so well.”

Vice President, J&J Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals
“He’s amazingly versatile in his ability to write for 
different ‘voices’. Each presentation he writes sounds
authentic and appropriate to the person who delivers it.
Mike does more than just ‘write.’ He frequently offers our
speakers ways to make their ideas clearer, more vivid,
and more memorable.

 He takes his ‘work ethic’ very seriously and is wonderfully
dependable. I know I can always count on him to deliver 
what he promises, even when my timelines are tight. He’s
also a pleasure to work with.”

Carolyn Kepcher
“Mike Greenly is a ‘rock star’ of a speechwriter. His skill and professionalism are impressive, as was the fact that he is such a pleasure to work with. I give him my highest recommendation!”

Director, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
“Mike is one of the best and most versatile talents I know. As a speechwriter, he is unparalleled. A former corporate officer, Mike is graceful and effective in dealing with executives at all levels, including presidents and CEOs. He always helps his clients to convey their essential messages in clear, persuasive, and highly engaging ways. As a speech coach, Mike has the knack of helping executives to be more believable, personable, and convincing on-stage. What’s more, they consistently love working with him!”

Follett Higher Education Group 
“You’re truly a fast learner, Mike, and your recommendations reflected a real understanding of our audience needs. These sentiments were echoed by our Senior Staff, as well as my direct reports, and your positive impact was felt throughout the conference. We especially appreciated your ‘Broadway’ quality skill as a speech coach. From our President on down, your advice was on target and you made a tremendous difference.
“Though I’ve had speech coaches before, your work with me was the most professional and impactful of my career. You have a gracious way of giving smart, constructive feedback, and of doing it in a way that helps the person you’re coaching understand what to do and why your suggestions matter …. As a result of our work together, I honestly believe I’ll be more effective in all my presentations.”

New York Life Executive
“Mike possesses a clear commitment to excellence, is dependable and has a pleasurable attitude that shines through in all he does. In his role as my speechwriter, he has consistently been able to capture my message so that it reflected my tone. Mike produces material that is engaging, persuasive and personifies the message. As my speech coach, he has helped me to deliver excellent presentations. Mike sharpened my presentation skills while consistently maintaining a supportive, encouraging and motivating demeanor.”

Meetings & Events Production Agency 
“This is to thank you for the incredible job you did in creating and leading our Communications Skills Workshop. You achieved a major success for us! (Your French is quite impressive, by the way.) It was great to have you custom-design a communications skills workshop for marketing directors around the world in their quest to recruit physicians for clinical trials of a new drug. You effectively prepared them to teach their teams back home how to customize presentations to each physician’s individual style and personality. You earned glowing feedback from everyone, and they’ll have greater impact because of you.”

Du Pont Executive
“Mike, I have worked with some wonderful talents during the past 28 years … Jack Nicklaus, key political figures … but you certainly top all of them. Never have I had such pleasure in working with someone outside Du Pont. For me, a marvelous treasure to remember forever.”

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